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Why Sales Training is Important

Selling today is just as important as it was years ago. However many believe that with computers and mass media, selling is not required.

However, all of us at some time must communicate with prospective customers, or current customers, be it through the media, over the phone ,via computers or even SMS.

Also, what we write in all types of promotional material and visual media must be written in the language that will entice prospects to become customers or all your investment will be just a waste of money.

So it is as important today, as it has been for decades that we are familiar with the process and techniques of selling if we are to make our business grow dramatically.

It doesn’t matter what business you are, for example, auto, insurance, hotel, fitness, mortgage, direct,corporate or real estate,just to name a few, training in sales is very important.

So what is the key issue in Selling?

In any business the key issue is….People.


Selling is about dealing with people….. no matter what the situation, you are dealing with people.

Whether direct selling, advertisements, DVDs, using computers,telephones, in after sales service or keeping in contact with current customers, you are a person and the listener or reader of the communication is a person.

People have emotions and feelings…..often based on past experiences.

So, unless you know how to tap into these important areas, you may have the best product or service in the world but you can still lose a prospective customer or worse, a current customer if you handle it incorrectly.

What is the key skill to finding out where your customer is at?

Asking Questions.

Good selling involves “asking questions” to elicit the prospects’ needs and desires.

You then have the opportunity to provide the appropriate product or service that meets the needs or wants of that prospect.

And then a sale is made.

A Big No, No…

On the other hand if you cannot provide the right product or service, move on to someone who does want what you have to offer.

Don’t keep chasing and annoying people who it is obvious don’t want what you have to offer……it makes you look an idiot and puts your company in a bad light…forever.

By the way….. a “no” is never usually a rejection of you, it is normally timing, money or a reason you may never uncover…so ask if you can keep in touch from time to time and then move onto someone who is interested in buying what you have to offer.

Remember, an ethical salesperson will always make sure the customer receives more value from the product or service they have purchased than they paid for.

Sales Training.

Following are some of the key issues that usually require some sales training :-

Prospecting, Qualifying, Presentation, Questions,

Trial Closing, Closing, Overcoming Rejections,

Motivation, Tools, Demonstrations.

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Dave Solomon is a serial entrepreneur influenced by Terry Murray, one of the greatest business mentors of 21 century. This Blog is an initiative to recollect the lessons of Mr. Murray and help aspiring entrepreneurs become transformational entrepreneurs

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