5 Tips For Staying Motivated While Job Searching

Job searching or hunting can have its ups and downs. You might feel hopeful and energised one day while tired and discouraged the next day. Here are five tips you may use to stay inspired and motivated while you continue your quest for your ideal new job.

1. Stay connected with your passion

Why do you want your chosen dream job? Stay in touch with the original energy that caused you to choose this direction in the first place; what’s the heart, soul and passion behind your choice?

Note: It shouldn’t be related to money; the money will come, but what will get you the job will be your true passion for your chosen line of work.

2. Visualise your ideal job search result

If you’re not sure where you want to go, it can be hard to make progress. What is your ideal job scenario? Some people will have a specific dream-job within a dream-company in mind; others will have a “feeling” they want to feel while at work.

Be as detailed as you can; put it in writing, tell a friend, and/or make a vision board of your ideal scene. Send it energy, and it will begin to feel more real in your life.

3. Have a reward system

While getting an excellent job will be its own reward, there will likely be a number of steps along the way to achieving this goal. Fine-tuning your resume and cover letter, attending networking events, making contacts and going on interviews are all stepping stones on the path.

Implement a reward system for yourself to help you stay motivated as you complete all of these smaller steps. Have lunch with friends, get a massage, or treat yourself to an item you’ve had your eye on.

4. Are You an Entrepreneur?

Even if you’ve never run your own business before, this time “between jobs” could be an opportunity to see if being a small business owner is a fit for you.

Look into available online home business opportunities and see if any of them resonate with you. Whether you connect with one or not, thinking from the perspective of an entrepreneur can breathe new creative life into your job search.

5. Find and Create Support in Your Life

One of the most effective ways to avoid flagging motivation is to take actions that help you to feel supported throughout the job hunting process.

Your support system can take the form of sympathetic peers, a mastermind group, and an answering service to help you field calls from potential employers. Seek support for the burdens of the job search, and you’ll feel less stressed and alone during the process.

Job hunting has its ups and downs, but you can manage these fluctuations to help make it less stressful. Use these four tips to stay energised and inspired until you find that perfect new opportunity.

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