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Cultivating Competitive Advantage in Small Business

Key Concept ~ Small businesses need a competitive edge to win in the marketplace.  In today’s world, people are the source of competitive advantage.  Large firms may enjoy economies of scale, high brand equity, and bloated marketing budgets, but they consistently continue to miss the mark in leadership, leadership development …

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A Truly Creative and Transformational Entrepreneur

I’d like to share a story about an individual that authentically exemplifies the spirit of transformational entrepreneurship and the role creativity plays in the emergence of delivering lasting value…that of knowledge and wisdom. Back in 2008 during my studies at The Epona International Study Center at Apache Spring, Arizona I …

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Why E-Learning and CBT are a Waste of Time and Money for Small Businesses

Developing the professional skills and adaptive capabilities of your associates is mission critical in today’s hyper-competitive markets.  The expense of traditional and innovative learning solutions is driving the emergence of E-learning and Computer-Based Training as a seemingly cost-effective alternative.  Yet this is proving to be a false perception.  A body of research …

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Why So Negative?

Ever wonder why people focus on, and in fact seek out, the negative in things?  This trait was set into motion some tens of thousands of years ago as our brains evolved to help us survive in world full of predators. What is it about the negative that engulfs our …

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